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Whether you want to establish your company before you have the resources to purchase a permanent shop or draw attention to products before they become available in your stores, you should consider opening a pop-up shop, which can be in the form of shipping containers, street corner stalls and more. However, there are just as many benefits of opening a pop-up store as there are challenges.

This article will discuss the advantages and difficulties of establishing a pop-up-store in more detail before explaining how we can make the process as straightforward as possible, allowing you to focus on achieving your goals.

The Benefits of Pop-up Stores

Pop-up stores are affordable, require a short-term commitment and can generate a ‘buzz’ around your new brand or a particular product. Here’s why a pop-up store might be the right move for you:

  • Affordability

Instead of being locked into a potentially expensive long-term rental agreement, you can commit to paying for a pop-up store for a fixed, short period, making you more adaptable to changing marketing and business plans while helping you protect your finances.

  • Bolster brand awareness

Pop-up stores draw attention from crowds, provided you choose a suitable location. Many passers-by are interested in the sudden existence of a pop-up shop, especially one that looks unique. You might want to partner with a company that specializes in the creation of pop-up stores to perfect the appearance of yours for your target market.

  • Enter the marketplace quickly

How long will it take you to finalize the contracts for a permanent location in a shopping mall and have it decorated to your liking so that it draws attention? You could have a pop-up store set up within weeks, allowing you to get your brand out there without delay.

  • Encourage impulse purchases

As mentioned above – pop-up stores often draw attention from passers-by, many of whom will purchase your products on impulse, boosting your sales in the process.

  • Test the market

The temporary and low-cost nature of pop-up stores allows companies to engage in promotion and product experiments. Even large multi-national brands, such as BMW’s MINI, have established pop-up stores for this very reason.

Pop-up Stores: The Challenges You’ll Face

While setting up a pop-up store can be advantageous for more reasons than those detailed above, you need to remember there are plenty of obstacles to overcome, including:

  • Finding the right location

Choose the wrong place for your shop, and you may either fail to catch attention or attract your target market. Sometimes, speed is a primary concern regarding establishing a pop-up store, but you should do your homework to find the perfect location.

  • Obtaining permits and understanding legal requirements

You can’t just open a pop-up store anywhere you like in a place like NYC. You need to liaise with the relevant authorities and get permits, which can be a time-consuming process if you try to do it without help.

  • Making your shop draw attention

How are you going to make a temporary establishment look like it’s attention-worthy? You need to consider décor, lighting, fixtures, stands and much more.

How We Can Help

At WJCA, Inc., we’ve been helping companies from countless industries set up pop-up stores across the USA by removing the challenges mentioned above. We can design and brand your store by finding the right lighting, fixtures and decorations. We can also ensure your pop-up shop achieves its purposes, whatever that may be. Find out how our design experts can help you by calling us today.