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Evolutions in lighting technology continue to outpace other materials and system innovations. Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is driving many of the enhancements in lighting. As the most flexible and efficient lighting technology on today’s market, LED offers designers an exciting expansion for their creative toolboxes.

Storefront as lightbox display
Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL – LED lighting translucent panels storefront.

LED technology assures the end user the most efficient energy consumption model, the highest illumination output, the lengthiest lamp (diode) life, and the lowest maintenance costs. Recent LED innovations have begun to focus on retrofitting and on “Changeability” of the fixtures (controllers and LED modules).

                    Disney Springs – LED downlights, LED track lights, LED tape lights, LED ticker displays and LED video monitors.

There are a number of manufacturers developing light fixtures for fabrication in multiple components (housing, controller, LED module, reflectors, etc.) that address the desired needs in Retail lighting design for changeability with Plug and Play type systems. The Plug and Play systems allow the lumen output, kelvin temperature or beam angle to be changed by swapping out individual components for tailored lighting of new product, displays, and floor sets without changing entire light fixtures.
                                                                          Individual components of the Philips Calculite downlight.


LED recessed downlights, Suspended LED High Bays, LED illuminated signage, LED track heads and LED video monitors.

There are many other examples of how LED technology has and is changing lighting design and implementation. Connect with WJCA, Inc. to find out how we can enhance your project with the latest in LED technology. Give us a call at 201-848-9060.