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High quality, effective communication is a baseline expectation today in all business and social interactions. The Design professions utilize increasingly powerful graphic mechanics and tools to  communicate ideas to stakeholder teams.

The strength and success of a design is measured by delivering design results that are clearly articulated to these stakeholder teams. Enhanced design communications are a baseline expectation of the stakeholder teams; Virtual Reality (VR) tools can help design firms improve satisfaction measures for stakeholders and end user groups.

Using Revit as a platform, WJCA integrates VR into its design practice to create three-dimensional—strike that—virtual realities. A schematic or detailed model is set up in Revit and then converted into a virtual experience enabling designers and their stakeholders to walk through a simulated environment.

As stakeholder teams become increasingly diverse in their professional skills and in their physical locations, VR meetings are accelerating and streamlining design conversations. VR modeling is helping WJCA satisfy the need for enhanced articulation of design concepts for our Clients.

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