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Lovepop, a disruptor in the greeting card industry, produces innovative 3D pop-up cards with the whimsy of a child’s storybook and the traditional sentiment of a handwritten note. After securing a high-profile investment on ABC’s Shark Tank from Kevin O’Leary, Lovepop’s digital presence and brand recognition grew substantially. Primed for growth, Lovepop continues to evaluate new ways to reach consumers with their attractive products. Recently, Lovepop identified Hudson Yards as the ideal location for the company’s first physical retail location.


Lovepop Opens First Brick and Mortar Store


WJCA was selected to design and execute the creation of a 686 square foot retail space intended to showcase Lovepop’s unique product selection while facilitating easy browsing and shopping. Among the challenges specific to this project was the approvals process. As a new and highly prestigious real estate development in New York City, Hudson Yards implements exacting standards to curate the best experience for visitors. Meeting these standards and achieving the appropriate permits and approvals would pave the way for Lovepop’s vital first foray into brick-and-mortar retail.




As Lovepop’s partner, WJCA closely coordinated with the Hudson Yards authorities to secure the necessary approval while also producing a striking and attractive design for the store. Our ability to successfully harmonize all these disparate elements into one cohesive project plan is a product of the phase-based approach we implement for every client. Before the first design meeting or any more advanced work, we pursue important answers during a pre-design phase of planning. During this stage, we were able to identify specific milestones and requirements in the Hudson Yards approval process well in advance. As a result, WJCA could ensure final approval in time to implement the concurrently developed design.


Online sales are a key factor in Lovepop’s business model — even in a physical store — so this created another challenge which required the use of our well-developed skills in technology and contemporary design. How could we create a harmony between the digital and physical spaces? Liaising with Lovepop’s team directly to develop clear expectations and share ideas, WJCA explored a range of options.


The result became the capstone of the Lovepop store’s design, a very large “mirror” with touchscreen functionality. From this digital kiosk, shoppers could reach beyond the space of the store, ordering cards online for free shipment to friends and loved ones. Throughout the design phase, WJCA worked closely with Lovepop as a dedicated partner endeavoring to project their brand image into physical space.





With rapid growth over the past year, Lovepop continues to innovate with its laser-cut pop-up cards and places a strong emphasis on the value of its brand. With its first effort outside of the kiosk model and into a true brick-and-mortar presence, making a lasting impression on visitors was just as important as driving new sales within Hudson Yards. WJCA is proud to play a part in Lovepop’s ongoing growth and evolution with the successful execution of this extensive multi-phase project and the store’s grand opening in Mid-March 2019.